How to Use the Equalizer Settings to Make Spotify Sound Better

An equalizer (EQ) is a circuit or piece of kit that adjusts the loudness of audio signals at particular frequencies to produce sound equalization. Most web music products and services make extensive use of it so as to cater to quite a lot of musical interests.

Spotify added an equalization software to its Android and iOS cell apps in 2014, making it easy for users to modify the sound of their music.

Even if you happen to’re the use of a nice pair of headphones, the default settings for mids, bass, and/or treble would possibly make your track sound flat, depending in your favorite song style.

Good headphones, if truth be told, have a tendency to generate flatter sound so you'll adjust the mids, bass, and treble ranges to your taste.

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The equalizer in Spotify may also be tough to discover, so right here’s where to look for it and how to use it.

1. Open Spotify to your phone.

2. Select Home after which Settings.

3. On iOS, move to Playback > Equalizer and turn it on; on Android, move to Music Quality > Equalizer and turn it on.

4. Choose a preset or manually adjust the dots through dragging them.

While listening to music, undergo the preset variety and select the one who sounds highest to you.

If you’re feeling adventurous, it's possible you'll manually alter the bass, mids, and treble levels by way of touching and dragging the little white dots.

Simply elevate the white dot on the some distance left if you want to upload extra bass. Find the ideally suited spot, as some tracks will sound better with the bass became up all the approach.


What are the absolute best equalizer settings to use?

Spotify’s iOS and Android mobile apps have equalization settings built-in. If you’re questioning what the best atmosphere for you is, the quick solution is that it varies. There isn't any one-size-fits-all equalization environment for everyone.

There are quite a lot of facets to imagine when opting for the optimal music equalizer settings, including private selection, the tune genre, hearing sensitivity, the location the place the track will likely be played, and what generation you use to play it.

The best approach is to go through each of the presets and find the one who sounds perfect for the specific type of track you wish to have to listen to.

Can I adjust the equalizer Spotify settings on my pc?

No, the equalizer settings are most effective to be had for Android and iOS cell apps.

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