How to use a Spotify gift card to get a Spotify Premium subscription

If you've gotten a Spotify gift card, you'll be able to use it to pay for a Spotify Premium subscription. A Premium subscription allows you to pay attention to song without ads, download songs, construct playlists, and for your phone or desktop pc. Spotify gift cards can simplest be used for standard Spotify subscriptions, no longer scholar or army ones. 

Moreover, gift playing cards can’t be redeemed for trial offers, Premium Family, or Premium Duo accounts. You can most effective use them to get a Premium Individual plan.

If you’ve were given a Spotify gift card and aren’t sure how to use it, you’ll need to go to your computer first. Spotify gift playing cards can most effective be redeemed on-line.

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Here’s how to redeem your Spotify gift card to pay for a premium subscription.

1. Log in to your Spotify account at for your Mac or PC.

2. On the again of your gift card, in finding the PIN or code. Use the zip code related to the cope with you equipped while you created the account.

3. Click “ENTER CODE”.

The finances for your gift card will probably be redeemed and put into your account.

The country or region settings on your account will have to match the positioning the place the gift card was bought.

At any given time, you'll be able to handiest redeem up to 18 months of Premium to your account.

The gift card shall be carried out to your subscription bills starting on the date of your next cost. After the full quantity of the gift card has been spent, your payments will resume as standard.


Do Spotify gift cards expire?

Spotify gift playing cards are legitimate for 1 year from the date of acquire. There are also no provider charges or inaction charges associated with Spotify gift cards.

Where can I purchase a Spotify gift card?

Spotify gift playing cards are available at most main retail and electronic stores. You should buy them in a bodily form or as an e-Gift card from shops reminiscent of Walmart.

Is there a Spotify premium 1-year gift card?

Yes, a Spotify Premium 1 year gift card does exist, and you'll get 365 days for the cost of 10 months.

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