How to Turn Off Shuffle Play Spotify

Shuffle play on Spotify allows you to concentrate to your favorite playlist or album in random order. This is excellent while you don’t know what you wish to have to hear subsequent and need the tune player to wonder you with something new.

However, occasionally you just want Spotify to play your favourite songs in order. Fortunately, it’s easy to turn off shuffle play.

Here’s how to do it on desktop and cell.

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How to transfer off Shuffle Play on Desktop

  1. Open the Spotify app and scroll down to the ‘Now Playing’ box.
  2. If shuffle play is energetic, the “Shuffle” button shall be green. To disable shuffle play, click the ‘Shuffle’ button.

How to switch off Shuffle Play on mobile

  1. At the bottom of the screen, faucet the Now Playing bar (above the menu).
  2. If shuffle play is lively, the “Shuffle” button can be green. Tap “Shuffle” to transfer it off.

Do I desire a Spotify top class account to use shuffle?

No, you'll use shuffle mode without having a top class account. You will want to be signed in to your Spotify account sooner than you'll use the shuffle button.

However, if you wish to have to switch shuffle off, you'll be able to best achieve this on desktop and within the web app. If you could have the unfastened version of Spotify on a mobile tool, you'll’t prevent shuffle play. You want a top class subscription to achieve this.

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