How to Remove a Table in Excel

An Excel table allows you to crew a range of cells together. If you’re the usage of a table in your Excel workbook, you can sort and filter through your data or follow particular formatting to your table to make it stand out.

This makes it easier to scan through and analyze your data, but it may possibly make it tough to move issues around. Table data is locked into the columns and rows in your table grouping, so if you wish to have to manipulate your information (via moving certain cells to some other location, as an example), you’ll need to remove the table first.

If you wish to have to remove an Excel table, there are a few tactics you can do it. You can either remove the formatting to disguise the table, convert the table to develop into a same old range of cells, or you can delete the table (and any knowledge) totally.

We’ll provide an explanation for each of these strategies for eliminating a table in Excel beneath.

How to remove Excel table formatting

Excel tables allow you to manipulate small sections of data for further research. If you wish to have to proceed to use these options (such as sorting or filtering your data) however don’t need your table to stand out, you can remove the formatting from your table.

By doing this, your table’s contents will appear to be some other cellular in your workbook, however you’ll still be unfastened to use the complex table features.

To remove Excel table formatting, right here’s what you’ll want to do:

  1. Open your workbook and choose any of the cells in your table.
  2. Press Table Design at the ribbon bar. In older variations of Excel, press Design, visual beneath the Table Tools header at the ribbon bar.
  3. In the Table Styles phase, press the More button in the ground left nook of the carousel. This is the button that is formed like a downwards arrow.
  4. In the pop-out menu, press Clear.

At this level, your table will revert to the default Excel formatting. Other than the table header arrows (which enable you to briefly type/filter your information), your table’s cells will appear to be another mobile in your workbook.

How to remove an Excel table with out losing knowledge

You too can remove an Excel table by restoring the entire cells inside it to a usual Excel vary (or crew) of cells. This will remove your talent to sort and filter out the information separately to other sections of your worksheet. This method allows you to remove the table whilst keep your information intact, alternatively.

You may want to do this, for instance, if you need to rearrange your knowledge. You wouldn’t be in a position to move columns of data without taking away the knowledge out of your table first.

If you want to remove an Excel table without losing the data, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Right-click any of the cells within your table.
  2. Press Table > Convert to Range.
  3. If Excel asks for confirmation, press Yes.

At this point, your Excel table will disappear. You gained’t be able to kind or filter out the information one by one from other cells, but your table’s information should stay in position for you to proceed to view and analyze.

How to delete an excel table

If you need to delete an Excel table and erase the table data and formatting out of your worksheet, you can do so briefly from the ribbon bar.

To delete an Excel table:

  1. Open your workbook and make a choice your table. Alternatively, make a selection probably the most table’s cells and press Ctrl + A. If the header row isn’t selected at this level, press Ctrl + A again.
  2. With the table decided on, press Home > Delete.

This will remove the table and its knowledge totally. If you wish to have to reverse this, press the Undo button (or Ctrl + Z) instantly in a while.

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