How to Host a Spotify Group Listening Party on Discord

The “pay attention” function in Discord, together with Spotify Premium, makes it simple to hang a digital listening party through allowing you to broadcast your favourite tunes to your folks.

While Spotify’s Group Session serve as allows you to listen to tune with friends, it does now not allow you to talk with them, and you're limited to most effective five other folks at a time. Chatting whilst listening is inconspicuous on Discord.

If you wish to have to host a Spotify group listening party on Discord, you’ll have to connect your account first.

Here’s how to do it.

1. On your PC or Mac, open the Discord app.

2. In the bottom-right nook, choose the equipment icon subsequent to your Discord username.

3. Click the Spotify symbol below “Connections.”

4. Discord will launch Spotify in a new browser tab and urged you to sign in along with your credentials.

5. Toggle over to the Discord app. Locate your attached Spotify account within the “Connections” segment and turn on the “Display on profile” toggle. Then, to close the “User Settings” web page, use the Escape key.

6. After that, your profile will show the “Listening to Spotify” standing. That will happen on all the servers you’ve created and joined every time you circulation track from Spotify.

Now that Spotify is hooked up to Discord, it's possible you'll start a new Discord server or join an present one to habits a Spotify listening party. After that, you’ll need to invite pals to your Discord server and invite them to join.

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This is how you do it.

1. Open the Spotify app on your phone or laptop and get began by playing any song. Then, within the Discord app, go to the song party server. You’re in a position to get started the listening party whilst you see a green play icon on the plus button.

2. Invite the channel to listen to Spotify by clicking the plus button.

3. If you wish to have, type an extra remark in the “Listen Along Invite” window that looks, or click on the “Send Invite” button.

4. This invite link is dynamic, which means that the track titles will exchange while you concentrate to the track.

5. When your folks join the flow, the profile icons will appear within the invite field. After that, you can manually exchange the songs or playlists.

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Wrapping Up

Spotify has lots of social media integrations, from Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and Discord. You can even use third-party apps like StatsForSpotify to look at your listening historical past. To learn all about what Spotify can do, take a look at our Spotify segment.

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