How to Delete Gmail Search History (3 Easy Methods)

Deleting emails can do so much to keep your Gmail account taking a look clean and organized. However, that’s not the one thing you can do to stay it nice and tidy.

If you employ the search serve as in Gmail ceaselessly, you can be enthusiastic about deleting your Gmail search history. Doing so can stay your Gmail workflow from getting crowded with search tips you don’t want to see.

This information will display you how to do just that – on each your laptop and your phone.

Delete Your Gmail Search History on Desktop

The absolute best way to get rid of your Gmail search history is within the search bar itself. All it takes is two clicks.

When you click on the search bar, your whole fresh searches will pop up (like within the above picture).

If you hover over one of them, you’ll see a small grey “X” seem – click on on that, and the search will probably be deleted.

You’ll have to delete searches one at a time the usage of this system, however there is a extra environment friendly method to delete a couple of searches…

How to Delete Your Entire Gmail Search History at Once

Deleting searches separately is easy sufficient you probably have only searched for a couple of things in Gmail.

But, if you wish to have to do away with all of them on the identical time, there's a much quicker method.

All the task for your Google account (for Gmail, Google Docs, Contacts, and so forth), is saved and visual on the My Google Activity Page.

You can view and edit your task history throughout all portions of your Google account from here.

Follow these steps to delete your whole Gmail search history on the same time:

1. Go to My Google Activity

2. Click “Filter by Product”. A window with your entire Google products will pop up.

3. Select Gmail and Click “Apply”. Now, most effective your Gmail process will appear.

4. You can delete all your search history by means of pressing the “Delete” button and confirming.

You too can delete sooner or later’s price of Gmail search history via clicking the “X” on the “Today” portion of the listing.

Now, your Gmail search history is all long gone! Gone, no less than, from your Google account, no longer from the remainder of your computer.

If you want your Gmail searches to disappear from the web totally, you’ve got a pair extra steps to take:

Don’t Forget to Clear Browser History, Cache, and Cookies

Your Gmail search history may still be visual to your browser history:

So, before you breathe easy, thinking that your Gmail history is long gone endlessly, give your browser history, cache, and cookies a wipe, too.

You can delete your search history on Chrome by way of urgent Control+Y (Command+Y for Mac) and deleting both particular person browsing data or your entire browsing history.

You can delete your cookies and cache by means of following those steps:

  1. At the top right of your Chrome display, click on the icon with 3 dots.
  2. Click at the possibility “More Tools”, then click on “Clear Browsing Data”.
  3. Choose a time and date vary to clear, or select the option to transparent everyhting.
  4. Check the containers for Cookies and Cached Data to be sure that those are cleared, too.
  5. Click “Clear Data”.

Delete Gmail Search History on Mobile (iOS and Android)

Deleting your Gmail search history on a mobile app continues to be pretty simple, but the steps are different.

But, identical to on a desktop, clearing your search history at the cell app will delete all searches, regardless of the tool that used to be used.

And, because you’re the use of an app and no longer a browser, you gained’t have to clear your browser history or cookies to entire the method.

This implies that deleting your search history on your telephone may well be easier than another approach.

Below, you’ll see the step by step directions for deleting your Gmail search history using your telephone.

1. Open your Gmail app and press the “Menu” icon (3 traces within the top-left corner).

2. Scroll all of the means down and faucet “Settings”. Then, click on on your e mail address. This is what your display will appear to be:

3. From there, scroll down once more and tap “Clear search history”.

4. Finalize the clearing of your Gmail search history by means of pressing “Clear”.

FAQ: Deleting Gmail Search History

What is My Activity in Google?

“My Google Activity” is a web page that shops the entire job in your Google account – whether it’s from Gmail, Google Docs, Sheets, or another Google program.
Your Google searches, Gmail task, and more are all out there in this page.
You can see your individual “My Google Activity” web page here.

Can My Employer See My Gmail Search History?

If your workplace makes use of G Suite (Gmail and different apps for trade), your employer has access to everything you do on it – even your electronic mail drafts and search history.

If you’re making an attempt to keep secrets and techniques out of your employer – even one thing innocent like applying for new jobs – it's your decision to use your individual e-mail as an alternative.

Does Deleting Gmail Search History on Desktop Remove Mobile Searches as Well?

Yes! No topic which instrument you use to delete your search history – mobile or desktop – your searches are deleted from all units. You too can delete cell searches using your desktop and vice versa.


Deleting your Gmail search history will also be completed in three different ways: at the app, in the desktop search bar, and within the My Google Activity web page.

If you’ve were given an overcluttered Gmail account, emptying your trash folder, deleting old contacts, and deleting your search history can move far toward cleaning it up.

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