How to Delete a Playlist on Spotify

Spotify has grown to grow to be one of the most standard streaming platforms on the earth due to its seemingly infinite choice of adapted playlists – playlists you'll be able to follow, download, or even share with a QR code.

However, with such a lot of playlists to pick from, it’s easy to finally end up with a Spotify assortment that’s quite overcrowded. As a result, Spotify makes it easy to remove any playlist.

Just keep in mind that deleting a playlist that others have subscribed to will just remove it from your Library; your subscribers will proceed to have get entry to to it. You too can utterly take away it for them through deleting all the songs.

If you want to in finding out how to delete a playlist on Spotify, right here’s all of the info you wish to have to do so on a desktop pc or on your cell instrument.

How to Delete a Spotify Playlist on your Desktop

1. Launch Spotify on your pc or laptop.

2. In the left sidebar, select the playlist to be deleted.

3. To open the playlist’s settings menu, click on the 3 dots subsequent to its name.

4. Select “Delete” and then select it once more to ascertain.

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How to Delete a Spotify Playlist on your Phone

  1. Open Spotify and pass to the “Library” tab.
  2. To get entry to the settings menu, open the playlist and hit the three dots. These dots will seem below the playlist title on an iPhone. They’ll be in the top-right corner of an Android instrument.
  3. Tap “Delete” once once more to confirm.


If I delete my playlist, will the folks I shared it with nonetheless see it?

All shared playlists are stored on Spotify’s server. That means that even if you take away them from your Library, the other followers of the playlist can nonetheless access them.

If you don’t need your followers to be in a position to get entry to a certain playlist, you must manually take away the entire tracks.

Here’s how to do it:
1. Navigate to your Library and make a selection the shared playlist.
2. Highlight the entire tracks via urgent “Shift.”
3. To open a drop-down menu, right-click.
4. From the record of possible choices, make a selection “Delete.”
5. After you’ve cleared all of the tune, rename the playlist to “-” to make it a divider.

Can I Recover a Deleted Playlist?

If you delete a Spotify playlist after which regret it, don’t agonize – Spotify contains a “undo” button that allows you to get better a deleted playlist.

Here are the steps to observe to recover a deleted playlist.
1. If you haven’t already, open your Spotify account web page in a internet browser and log in.
2. In the left-hand navigation pane, click on “Recover playlists.”
3. Locate the playlist you want to restore and choose “Restore.”

Within a short while, the playlist should appear on your Spotify account. If it doesn’t paintings, take a look at closing and reopening the Spotify app.

Remember that in the event you delete your account, you are going to not be able to recuperate your playlists.

Alternatively, if the playlists haven’t resurfaced after a few minutes, make a new playlist, and the restored playlist should reappear for your Library.

How Do I Delete Songs from a Playlist?

You would possibly edit your Spotify playlists any time you want, together with getting rid of songs you not need.

It’s price noting that taking away a music from a playlist will only remove it from the playlist you’re deleting it from. Changes to a playlist will probably be reflected briefly throughout your whole gadgets.

You can handiest remove music from playlists you’ve made or have editing get admission to to. You gained’t be able to delete tune from a playlist that you haven’t created or that you simply don’t have permission to edit.

Here’s how to delete a tune from a Spotify playlist.
On Desktop
Begin by means of launching the Spotify desktop app. Navigate to the playlist you wish to have to delete a music from – from your own home screen, the sidebar, or through searching for it.
1. To open a drop-down menu, click on the three dots next to the song you wish to have to remove.
2. Select “Remove from this Playlist” from the drop-down menu.
On Mobile
Begin by way of launching the Spotify app on your iPhone or Android telephone and navigating to the playlist from which you want to remove a music.
1. Tap on the 3 dots subsequent to the track you desire to to take away. You’ll now see a pop-up menu.
2. Select “Remove from this Playlist” from the drop-down menu.
3. The pop-up window will close, and the observe shall be got rid of out of your playlist.

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